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what would you have me do?

Sep 22 '11

To be completely honest, neither were sure how it had happened. It wasn’t like one morning they just woke up in the same bed, practically living together and in an intimate relationship. Still, neither could place a finger on when all this had begun, and to be honest, didn’t care to. It wasn’t significant.

They must be in love, both thought to themselves, but never voiced this. Nothing was ‘official’, and they didn’t use a name for what they had. They weren’t ‘boyfriends’, because that sounded stupid, and ‘partners’ was even worse. It was easier, not having a name. If there was no ‘relationship’, they couldn’t have relationship problems, right? Sure, people would ask questions, bu those people would either be ignored or get a gruff ‘fuck you’ in lieu of an answer, depending on who they were talking to.

Still, there was no denying that they were each other’s favorite person. No admitting it, either. Everything was implied or assumed. They had different reasons for their conduct; Bakura did it for the sake of ease and simplicity, and Marik, out of fear of the future. Sometimes they wondered whether this was really the healthiest way to treat a relationship, but it had worked so far.

They didn’t have a typical relationship, that was for sure. Their lack of communication on the topic would have probably made other people cringe, but for some reason it didn’t make much of a difference to them. They enjoyed themselves. Even without the sense of commitment, they still had TV dinners and ‘debates’ and brutal games of Monopoly where the winner got to top that night and jokes and thieving sprees, and they were okay with that.


wow this is pointless and stupid